Year Planner Part 2


Theme of the year – ‘Media for Mission and Children

Essay Competition: Annual Essay Competition will be held during the month of October 2019. The competition will be conducted as intra and inter parish level before 27th of October. The Participants will be divided into three categories based on their catechism class as below.

5th and 6th Grade – Juniors

7th and 8th Grade – Sub Seniors

9th and 10th Grade – Seniors

Language: English – Essay must be hand written

Topic: Media for Mission and Children (Number of pages 3 -5) JUDGING CRITERIA

  • Language: English – Essay must be hand written
  • The essay should have an Introduction, Body and a Conclusion 
  • The depth and the understanding of the topic
  • The thought flow and the flair in the writing (i.e., proper use of words , vocabulary, hand writing, grammar and spelling)

First, Second and Third prize winning entries from each category at unit level will qualify for the inter parish level competition. Each parish should complete evaluation at the unit level and declare the results by 10th of November.

Inter Parish Competition – Results and the Prize-winning essays (top three) from each category at parish to be sent to Communication office on or before 7th of December. Best three essays from each category will be selected from the entries received from units. Prizes for winners will be announced and distributed on CML Annual Day.

Please take note that the name of student and the parish should not be mentioned in Essay sent for inter parish level Competition. Animators need to attach a separate sheet with the name of Child, Parish and Chest Numbers for Tracking.

There is a category wise award for the parishes from which maximum participation in Essay Competition. (Catechism Category wise)

QUIZ COMPETITION Date: 5th January 2020  Time:-2.00pm -5.00pm.

                                    Venue:-St. Augustine Church Marianehalli

Quiz competition is Open to CML Members and will be conducted for Below Categories.

5th and 6th Grade – Juniors

7th and 8th Grade – Sub Seniors

9th and 10th Grade – Seniors

Topic: Teresa of Calcutta- by Mary Kathleen Glavich SND,

             St. Romero – by Cliffton Mendonca

             Youcat Part-1 Section -1  Questions 1-24

  • 70% of questions will be on life of above saints
  • 10% of questions will be on history, objective and present activities of CML and  Mandya Diocese
  • 10% of questions will be from You Cat
  • 10% by general- book let,  leaflet provided by CML Mandya Diocese
  • TWO TEAM Comprising of a maximum of 3 children will be permitted to participate from each parish per category
  • Participants of Quiz Competition are not permitted to participate in Mission Anthem Competition.

MISSION ANTHEM COMPETITION Date: 5th  January 2020 Time:-2.00pm -5.00pm.

                                                   Venue:-St. Augustine Church Marianehalli

  • No Musical accompaniments permitted
  • Instruments and Karoke tapes are not permitted
  • No Humming and Vocalisation
  • One Team Comprising of 4-7 Children will be permitted to participate from each parish.
  • Participants of Mission Anthem Competition are not permitted to participate in Quiz Competition

MISSION RALLY Date: 15th January 2020

Mission Rally (march-past) display will be evaluated based on the following areas.

  • Number of participants for the March past.
  • How effective participants perform Mudravakyam
  • Display of banners with appropriate theme
  • Decoration / dress code / Flag etc
  • Discipline
  • Tableau


  • It should be a hand written magazine
  • It should consist of Creative Writings, Drawings, Short Stories, Poems by Students
  • The minimum pages of Manuscript Magazines is 50 and Maximum 100 Pages
  • Animators can help the children but all the writings and drawings should be from the children only
  • The theme of the Manuscript Magazine is –  Media for Mission and children.
  • An appropriate name should be given for the Magazine.
  • Language:- Malayalam and English


One day training program on personality development and study techniques will be conducted for Grade 10 students as below

Date -11th August 2019

Time 10 am to 4 PM

Venue : St. Alphonsa Church, Sulthan Palaya  Registration Fee- Rs/300 per Participants .


  • Inauguration of unit within 30 June 2019
  • Conducting activities proposed for CML
  • Proportional attendance of members in the activities conducted by Diocese
  • Active participation of leaders in activities and orientation conducted by Forane and Diocese
  • Celebration of Feast of Patron Saints and Mission activities
  • Usage of badges and membership cards in the activities
  • Submission of Monthly Activity Report / Mission Month Report
  • Monitoring Students Diary
  • Maintaining a unit level activity plan
  • Leadership trainings for the Mission League members

Monthly report must be submitted as per the Calendar plan

Activities suggested to carry at unit level

  • Adopt a Village/ School / Orphanage : Adopt a village and  distribute food and clothes there and help the children in their education
  • Visit Mission Stations of Mandya Diocese – Mission exposure program
  • Parishuthare Ariyuka (Know the Missionaries) – Arrange a Children’s Film festival and Show Movies of Saints and Missionaries
  • Encourage to Pray for the Missionaries
  • Mission Sunday Celebration – Mission Collection , Auction
  • Grandparents Day – Celebrate a day as Grandparent’s day and arrange a friendly talk with students and grandparents to know how the faith is important in our life. What were the challenges of faith they faced and how children can overcome faith related issues
  • News Paper Drive – Collect old newspapers from the households of each parish and sell the paper and give the amount collected to Mandya Diocese for the Vocation Promotion.
  • Concept of Althara – Arrange a class to make the CML members to understand the importance of Althara / Altar in our life. Make them know important parts of Holy Qurbana, vestments used and significance of them.
  • Celebrate October 7th as  Children’s day at Parishes and organize special prayer and Program for the children
  •   Celebrate Christmas with a children home or old age home