Marriage Tribunal

Office of the Tribunal: (Office of the Director, Institute of Oriental Canon Law), DVK Research Centre, DVK Road, Dharmaram College, Bangalore-560029, India.

Office Timings	: Saturdays: 09.30 to 13.00 hrs 
E-mail 		: [email protected]
Contact		: Mob: 9901237567 (Notary); 9448206571 (Judicial Vicar)

Officials of the Tribunal
a. Judicial Vicar: Rev. Fr. Dr. Varghese Koluthara CMI, DCL 
	    Email:[email protected], Mob. 9448206571
b. Eparchial Judges: 
    i.	Rev. Fr. Dr. Sebastian Payyaappilly CMI, DCL 
        Email: [email protected], Mob: 9739305328
    ii.	Rev. Fr. Dr. Benny Tharakunnel CMI, DCL 
        Email: [email protected], Mob: 9480732249

c. Defender of the Bond:
    i. Rev. Fr. Dr. Alex Velacherry DCL
       Email: [email protected], Mob: 9961235305

d. Promoter of Justice:
    i. Rev. Fr. Dr. Davis Panadan CMI, LOCL, Ph.D. in Civil Law
       Email: [email protected], Mob: 9916710071

e. Notary:
   i. Sr Leo CHF -Notary       
      Email: [email protected], Mob: 7306724650

f. Experts:
   i.  Dr. Annamma Thomas, St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore 
   ii. Dr. Thomas Mathew, St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore 
       (Mob. 9880247582)
  iii. Adv. P.P. Paul (Mob. 9242290012)