Cherupushpa Mission League (CML) is the biggest Missionary Organisation for  Laity in Asia. CML was started under the guidance and blessings of the Bishop of the Changanacherry Arch Diocese Mar James Kaalassery, in the year 1947 at Bharananganam by Kunjettan (Mr. P.C. Abraham Pallaattukunnel) and Late V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Malipparambil who was the founder Director of CML

When India got independence, most of the foreign Missionaries had retired from their activities and they returned to their home countries. The Mission activities across the country got stagnated due to the scarcity of dedicated Missionaries. During this period Mr. P.C. Abraham Pallaattukunnel was inspired by the words of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII – “The Salvation of India is in her Sons itself”. He was motivated by Blessed Sr. Alphonsa of Bharananganam and he decided to do something to boost the Mission activities across the sub continent. Accordingly he met Rev. Fr. Joseph Malipparambil who was the Assistant Vicar of Bharananganam and shared his wishes. At last they have decided to start an organisation –“Cherupushpa Mission League” to foster Vocation Promotion and to help Mission Activities across the country by means of Man, Money and Prayers.

CML was inaugurated on the 3rd of October 1947 by the Aux. Bishop of the Diocese of Kottayam Mar. Thomas Tharayil at Bharananganam.

The growth of CML was unbelievable. Within no time CML spread across all most all dioceses of Kerala. Now CML units are functioning in all most all parishes of the three different Rites of Kerala church, in different dioceses across India and in various countries like USA, UK, and in some Gulf Countries.


Fostering the Mission Spirit and Assisting the Missionaries by means of Prayer, Man and Money Vocation Promotion Personality Development.


Love, Sacrifice, Service and suffering.


The prophetic words spoken by Pope Leo XIII of happy memory, a century ago have been chosen as the motto of this organization: “Thy Sons, O India, will be thy salvation.”

Heavenly Patroness: Little Teresa of Child Jesus

Co Patrons: St Thomas, the Apostle of India, St. Francis Xavier, St Alphonsa

Cherupushpa Mission League: MANDYA DIOCESE

CML in Eparchy of Mandya  has been flourishing under the leader ship of Director Fr. Saji Pariyappanal, and Joint Director Fr. Benny Asharikunnel. Catechism children who had received Holy Communion are members of the mission league. As young kids under the process of faith formation, CML is a platform to practice what they learn in religious education classes.

CML Mandya Diocese – Theme of the Year 2019

Considering the importance and influence of media among the new generation, CML, Mandya has taken Media For Mission and Children as the theme of the year 2019

Mission Centres in Eparchy of Mandya

The following are the mission centers of Mandya Eparchy.  Kindly visit and support these mission centres in whatever way you can:

  1. Anchechittenahalli : Shanthy Nilaya, Nagamangala-571432, Mandya Dist.      Fr. Albin Ph: 7259857601.
  2. Cheekanahalli: Nirmala Nivasa Halebeedu-571434, Pandavapura Tq. Mandya Dist.     Fr. Sunny Ph:9880294991
  3. Guthalu: Vimalaya, Guthalu-571403, Mandya Dt. Fr. Renerse Ph:8762680049
  4. Handpost: Jeevadharu, Mananthvady Rd. Handpost P.O, H.D Kote-571114.    Fr. Joseph Chittor Ph: 9480222619
  5. Honnamankatte: Jyothi Convent, Hosaholalu P.O, Honnamanakatte, H. D Kotte-571114.    Fr. Thomas Thenattil  Ph: 7349335300.
  6. Jyothi Vikasa, Social Service centre, Vivekananda Nagar, 1st Cross, F-Block, Near Holalu Circle, Chikmandya Kere, Mandya-571401, Fr. Leo Ph:9074719007
  7. Kodimaranahalli (Kikkeri) Chaithanya: Kikkeri -571423 K R Pet, Mandya Dist.    Fr. Shibu Ph: 8073239006
  8. Pandithahalli: Navachethana, Dasanadoddi, Mandya Dist. -571430     Fr. Paul Ph:9497361923
  9. Ragimuddanahalli : Gulabi Sadana, Ragimuddanahally, Chinakurli, Mandya Dist. -571455. Fr. Judson Ph: 7025898734.
  10. Rudrakshipura: Divya Sadana, Rudrakshipura, Somanahalli, Maddur Tq, Mandya Dist.     Fr. Roy Ph:8281779778
  11. Shikaripura : Sanjeevana, Thuppathumadu, Nagamangala Tq.     Fr. Martin Ph:7760526071
  12. Kalenahalli : Bishop’s House, Mandya.      Fr. Saji Ph: 7090175555.