CBC Mandya – Year of Hunger – Initiatives

CBC Mandya – Year of Hunger 2022 – 2023- Initiatives

1. Year of Hunger – Awareness

a. Catechetical Diary Released with the theme “Feeding the Hungry: The Door to Salvation”

b. Bible Kaltosavam – Planned on the theme “Feeding the Hungry: The Door to Salvation”

  • 9 Stage Events and 5 Literary and Drawing Events focuses on the theme of Hunger

2. Year of Hunger – Initiatives

a. Year of Hunger Pledge shared with parishes and to be recited by all children in order:

  • To be grateful and mindful for the food received
  • To be aware of the difficulties of others
  • To be empathetic and do their bit to make the world Hunger Free

b. Encourage children to be mindful during celebrations – festivals, birthdays etc., and make it a point to feed the hungry / spend time with them

c. Outreach programs planned at parish levels focused on the Year of Hunger

d. Dumb Box Collection for each child towards “Year of Hunger”

e. As part of the Ashayadakkam / Mortification – Children are encouraged to sacrifice one favorite food item like chocolates / cake / icecream etc., and share the same or equal amount with a person in need