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Logos Quiz 2023 – Registration & Awards

Kindly refer the Catechetical Diary 2023-2024 Pg 33 for more details on Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz Exam Date: 24th  Sept 2023

Time: 2pm to 3:30pm

Mode of Exam: Offline / Written (Examination Centre will be informed later.)

Registration Last Date: 23rd July 2023

Catechism Office Bearers to update the Logos Quiz 2023 – Parish-Wise registration form for their parish and forward the details to [email protected] by 23rd July 2023

▪️CBC Mandya will felicitate the Top 3 Parishes where maximum participants have scored atleast 25% and above marks in the Logos Quiz during the Catechism Annual Award Day.

▪️Parishes who submit the registration after the due date i.e., 23rd July 2023 shall not be considered for Top 3 Parishes Award

▪️They shall also not be considered under the Logos Quiz Participation criteria under the Best Unit Evaluation Criteria

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